• Grasses - Gibbs Gardens

    Inspirational Gardens

  • Bluebird Photoshoot Setup

    Baby Bluebirds – All Grown Up

  • 20120805-182107.jpg

    Getting Lucky

  • Baby Bluebirds Using GoPro Hero2

    Baby Bluebirds – Learning To Eat

  • Flower Shoot - Final HDR Image

    Macro Flower Shoot With Lensbaby

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Playing with a GoPro

GoProMounting_20110128_0005I borrowed my friend Britt’s GoPro Hero, mini HD video camera to play. This is a cool toy. I’m hoping to get a chance to try it out with the warm w

50mm Shallow DOF

Willys_50mm_009_BlogToday I decided to return to the basics. I stripped my 5D down to just the body and an EF 50mm f/1.4 lens. My idea was to just go out and about and see what i

Flower Still Life

Orchid_HDR2-AfterThe other day I was bored and decided to setup a still life in our foyer. I arranged the the hall table about three feet away from the wall. This limited the de
  • Inspirational Gardens

    Grasses - Gibbs GardensA couple of weekends ago, we had the pleasure of a leisurely stroll though Gibbs Gardens in the North Georgia Mountains. It was a perfect Fall day, with crystal
  • Baby Bluebirds – All Grown Up

    Bluebird Photoshoot SetupWe’ve been watching our backyard bluebird fledglings grow all Summer and Fall. The group has actually grown to 7 birds total, 5 from the successful nests
  • Getting Lucky

    20120805-182107.jpgWe took the dogs for a walk down by the Chattahoochee river this morning. I had rigged my HD video camera and GoPro to my monopod together at the same time. Aft
  • Baby Bluebirds – Learning To Eat

    Baby Bluebirds Using GoPro Hero2In a previous post, I spied on a nest of baby bluebirds in our courtyard. That shot was taken with my G11(new model). I just opened the house when the parents
  • Macro Flower Shoot With Lensbaby

    Flower Shoot - Final HDR ImageWhile spending a few days in the North Georgia mountains, I did  little macro shooting with my Lensbaby Composer Pro. I setup my Canon 5D on a tripod, with the


Final Image

Photography While Driving

I know, it’s not safe do most anything while driving. But, this time it was a spontaneous inspiration that hit me. While driving to Florida for a little R&R and to attend Full Story »