Baby Bluebirds – All Grown Up

We’ve been watching our backyard bluebird fledglings grow all Summer and Fall. The group has actually grown to 7 birds total, 5 from the successful nests in our bluebird house and 2 stragglers. The daily ritual is to feed them live meal worms around 4 to 5 in the afternoon. They line up on our chimney, waiting for their afternoon meal. You have to move out-of-the-way quickly to avoid being dive bombed. These are some hungry birds…

Bluebird Photoshoot Setup

I wanted to get both normal and GoPro video to expand my editing skills. The idea was to shoot them eating with both cameras and synchronize the videos in editing. This would allow me to switch back and forth between the two views. I placed the GoPro on the tripod and set it up as close as possible. I think the close focus point is about 12 inches. Then I put my Panasonic TM700k on my mono-pod and strapped it to the rear tripod legs. It took a while to get things stable and composed the way I wanted it.

I was able to synchronize the 2 video clips within one frame of each other. That pretty close. You would never be able to notice, especially since the scene transitions take several frames. Here is the final video in HD that I posted on Youtube:

Here is a second video that I made the following day with just the TM700k:

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