Macro Flower Shoot With Lensbaby

While spending a few days in the North Georgia mountains, I did  little macro shooting with my Lensbaby Composer Pro. I setup my Canon 5D on a tripod, with the single lens plastic optic and the f/8 aperture ring. After wandering around the cabin, I found this single flower all by itself. The lighting was great, late afternoon and overcast. No harsh shadows, but a little wind.

The Setup

GoPro Hero2I also decided at the last-minute to add my GoPro HD HERO2 to the mix. It was time I recorded one of these photo sessions for use here on my blog. Maybe this will be helpful for those trying to shoot a similar subject or when using the same equipment combination. I started with the setup shown. This is the first time I’ve attempted anything like this, so be kind. It’s not perfect. It’s going to be a work in progress.

Flower Shoot -Setup

The idea was to capture some video. But more importantly was to record the audio of  the shoot. I’ve always wanted to hear what the photographer thinks about while working on a photograph. These are the kinds of insights that you can only get during a workshop.

The idea behind this photograph was to capture as much detail as possible, hence the use of HDR. The audio was recorded by the GoPro through the non-watertight door, so it is not the best quality. After doing this, I can see myself getting an external microphone, maybe even a wireless lavalier. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with your feedback and/or suggestions. Enjoy…

The Shoot

Final Image

The final image was produced by combining all 7 exposures into a single image using the Adobe Photoshop CS5 HDR Pro 2 utility. I may discuss the details of that conversion in a future posting.

Flower Shoot - Final HDR Image

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