Baby Bluebirds

We have a bluebird house in our side yard. Early this spring, a roosting pair moved in. They are actually youngsters from the previous years nestings. Last year, the parents had three sets of eggs. The first two did not produce any babies. The last group resulted in two males and one female.

This year two of them returned to nest in the same house. The first brood produced five babies. After fledging the nest, they were all killed by the local crows(bastards!). The second batch has just hatched last week. Hopefully they’ll make it this time.

I fired up my iPhone and Instagram for this shot of the new brood. Enjoy…



I went to the nest a few days ago to take an update photo and it was empty. Lets hope that this batch made it to safety.

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2 thoughts on “Baby Bluebirds

  1. M.B. Macgregor says:

    Like always your photography and subjectrs are above the average. Get a job with National Geographic. MAC

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