Levitating Girl

I remember seeing this before a few months ago, but came across it again while reading an article by Allen Murabayashi called “Rant: I Love Photography” on Wired.com. She is photographer Natsumi Hayashi, and her website, yowayowa camera woman diary is awesome. She takes daily photographs of herself, levitating in all kinds of public places. These are fascinating to look at and to wonder about…

Levitating Girl
Sample image from “yowayowa camera woman diary”.

How does she do this? What his her inspiration? Her technique seems simple, just take multiple shots while jumping/leaping into the air. Eventually you will get a good shot. But, as Mr. Murabayashi eludes to in his article, there is more going on here than technique. Her images are mesmerizing, with no real sense of motion. These are truly magical. Take a look at her site to see what I mean.

I’ve tried this a few times with the nieces and nephews, but never came up with anything like these. Maybe I’ll have to give it a try again sometime… Hint..hint…Holly and Gregor ;)



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