GoPro Hero2: Audio Issues (Solutions)

Well, it looks like my problems with the audio quality of the GoPro Hero2 are considered to be the norm. I’ve searched all across the blogosphere and various technology forums, and the issue has been discussed ever since the GoPro first came out. Some make the point that audio is not the forte of this camera system. Not sure I agree, but I can understand that the manufacturer has put more emphasis on the awesome video capabilities. The culprit seems to be wind noise.

In my search I came upon several homegrown remedies for eliminating and/or minimizing wind noise. There are many causes for the noise, from camera position, open or closed camera back, etc. Some folks simply placed old fashioned duct tape either across the slotted case back, or on the top of the case. One of the most interesting solutions is marketed by They sell a product from their Stickover series specifically designed for the GoPro Cameras called the Windscreen:

The fuzzy gizmo sticks to the back of the slotted camera back. It can eliminate most of this obnoxious wind noise. I’m going to try to rig something like this myself. I can’t bring myself to pay $45 for a piece of fuzz. But, if it becomes clear that they have a superior product, I might bite the bullet.

I let you know how my experiments go with noise reduction and camera position, etc. I plan on using the GoPro this weekend to help capture my nephew’s Eagle Scout project, rebuilding a playground. Although it will not be moving, I plan on doing a time-lapse sequence. If it turns out I’ll post some this here next week.




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