GoPro Hero2: Audio Issues (Part 2)

I received a replacement camera from GoPro, since mine was under warranty being that I’ve only had it since Christmas. The annoying clicking has now been replaced with an even louder screeching sound. I did the following test at their request. It includes a shaking of the bare camera. You can still hear a small clicking sound coming from the camera when shaken, which seems to be related to the new sound when at speed. Take a look/listen and let me know what you think. Am I being to picky expecting better audio quality from this camera?

With all the extreme sports videos that I’ve seen using the GoPro cameras, I can’t understand how my 25 MPH drive down the street can produce such a loud screeching sound. I’m going to be asking a few of my cinematographer friends to look into this. Maybe the audio is never actually used from the videos made by the GoPro Hero 2.

There seems to be some quality control issues with these cameras. Hopefully I can get a good one eventually. I’m not giving up yet. Stay tuned…

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