GoPro Hero2: Audio Issues

If you remember, I had a chance to borrow a GoPro Hero early last year from a friend. It was so much fun, I talked about it all summer. As it turns out, my wonderful wife bought me the new model, Hero 2, for Christmas.

I’ve used it a couple of times and noticed a clicking sound when in motion. I attached it to my Dad’s truck during a trip to the Piedmont Wildlife Refuge. Take a look at this clip from the trip and see what you think…

I did further testing to determin if the sound was coming from the case or the camera itself. Looks like there is something loose inside. Hopefully they will honor the warranty. Stay tuned…

UPDATE[01/27]: GoPro is going to repair/replace the camera. All I have to do now is mail it back to them. I’ll keep you posted on how this RMA process goes.

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