Aqua Man Effect

Step 1:

I took this photo on our last visit to Lake Allatoona. Playing around with Photoshop CS5, I was able to get this effect after only a few steps. First, here is the original shot, after conversion from RAW using Adobe Camera RAW(ACR). [ I’ll leave the details of the conversion for a later post… ;) ]

Step 2:

Next I placed a second ACR conversion on top of the original. This was just was a simple B&W conversion. I masked out the swimmer and changed the layers blending mode to “Color Burn”. This achieved the desired effect of darkening the water to an almost black emerald color. Here is the masked B&W layer before the layer blending mode change:

Step 3:

Here is the shot after the layer blending mode change:

Step 4:

The final step was to apply the oil paint effect using the new Pixel Bender tool in PS CS5. Here is the final result:

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