Getting Lucky

We took the dogs for a walk down by the Chattahoochee river this morning. I had rigged my HD video camera and GoPro to my monopod together at the same time. After I got home to review the video and stills(frame every 2 seconds with the GoPro), nothing looked good. Then I saw the last […]
HDR Globe

Lensbaby HDR

One of my favorite techniques is HDR, the combining of varying exposures of a subject, taking the best features from both under and over exposed frames. Doing it with a Lensbaby sounded like a really fun challenge. I usually apply this technique to landscapes, flowers, buildings, etc. But, this time I was inspired by the […]

Baby Bluebirds

We have a bluebird house in our side yard. Early this spring, a roosting pair moved in. They are actually youngsters from the previous years nestings. Last year, the parents had three sets of eggs. The first two did not produce any babies. The last group resulted in two males and one female. This year […]

Underwater Dogs

This falls into the category of “I should have thought of that…”. Photographer Seth Casteel has developed an incredible technique for photographing dogs underwater. Most dogs enjoy a good game of fetch, especially when it includes diving headfirst into water. These images are full of energy. You can almost feel the pure joy and excitement these dogs have for […]

50mm Shallow DOF

Today I decided to return to the basics. I stripped my 5D down to just the body and an EF 50mm f/1.4 lens. My idea was to just go out and about and see what inspired me. While I was eating lunch at my favorite Mexicana Grill ( Willy’s ), I noticed the unique lighting above the tables. […]
Levitating Girl

Levitating Girl

I remember seeing this before a few months ago, but came across it again while reading an article by Allen Murabayashi called “Rant: I Love Photography” on Wired.com. She is photographer Natsumi Hayashi, and her website, yowayowa camera woman diary is awesome. She takes daily photographs of herself, levitating in all kinds of public places. These are fascinating to […]
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